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Collaboration is at the heart of many creative industries and an unexpected mixture of talents can produce some intriguing results.

Take the recent teaming up of Loewe’s creative director, Jonathan Anderson with celebrated artist Anthea Hamilton as a case in point. Hamilton was invited to use a whole room in a Tate Britain gallery for a bespoke piece of art.  What she came up with is The Squash, a moving installation that brings together performance and sculpture. She turned to Anderson, with his fashion DNA, to transform her concept into costumes.  

It’s an example how two differing sets of skills can come together to create a whole vision. With Hamilton providing the big idea, Anderson’s role has been to use his expertise to apply this to the selection of fabrics and the creation of garments that work with and enhance the installation. The pictures are the visible proof of how that creates something stunning.

Collaborate and Create

The concept of collaboration – pooling skills and experience – is something that we have embraced in the past year, most recently for The Merrion Hotel’s new Garden Room restaurant. The hotel appointed Dubliner Consolata Boyle, with her background in film costume design – she is three-times Oscar-nominated, most notably for The Queen – to design the uniform concepts.  With our expertise in fabrics and garment technology, Fashionizer transformed these concepts into reality creating stylish and unique uniforms for the staff.

Further afield, we have been working with the brand new luxury resort Zuri Zanzibar, due to open in May.  The tropical resort has invited Fashionizer to translate the designs of Denisa Nova into completed garments. This has been a welcomed project and one that has many considerations due to the hot climate so fabric choice has been very much part of the equation.

Of course, our main focus is designing and making bespoke uniforms from start to finish. But what these partnerships show is that talent can translate across many creative industries. The right combination of skills and expertise can create brand new and exciting opportunities.



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