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Fashionizer Hotel Uniforms normally supplies uniforms to luxury hotels across the world. However, with spread of the Coronavirus and most countries in Europe on what amounts to a war footing, we are keen to use our design skills, materials to contribute in our area of expertise. We have diversified this website and offering washable cotton face masks made in a variety of fabrics and colours in London. 

Please note that these are not medical face masks and are meant only to protect you from touching your face. Please ensure you follow all government advice for social distancing and hand washing.  

As designers and manufacturer of uniforms we wish to help with the production of PPE: gowns, tops and trousers for NHS staff. We have expertise, resources and supply-chain available at short Notice which puts us in a unique position to help resolve shortages.  Any organization in in urgent need of PPE garments can contact us on: customerservice@fashionizer.com

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