Fashionizer diverts resources to make face masks for general public use

Fashionizer diverts resources to make face masks for general public use

Prestigious uniform designers, Fashionizer Couture Uniforms, is switching its production to making washable fabric face masks. The Fashionizer team have been keen to use their resources and expertise to keep the company in business and be positive during this crisis, to make a small difference.

Fashionizer typically produces bespoke uniforms for luxury hotels and spas, such as The Ned London, The Belmond Cadogan Hotel and Zuri Zanzibar Resort. In the past week, the team have been busy developing prototypes and sourcing components for a washable fabric mask. With surgical face masks rightly being prioritized for medical and health care professionals, the general public is looking for a way to have some protection and prevent face touching with hands, without jeopardizing the supply for healthcare workers. 

All printed masks are made with two layers of fabric and one layer of interlining. All printed designs are made in 100% cotton fabric, and plain colours are made from CPF, (Cotton Performance Fabric), an exclusive fabric which is normally used to keep therapists cool and fresh in warm spa environments. CPF is a unique blend of organic cotton, polyester and Lycra®, making it breathable, hypo-allergenic, and above all comfortable. While fabric face masks do not offer the benefits of surgical masks, they are sustainable, attractive and more comfortable to wear than itchy paper masks, which are increasingly hard to source in any case. 

Fashionizer founder and owner, Debbie Leon, added, “We have made custom luxury uniforms for over 26 years. In the light of this unprecedented threat to lives and livelihoods, we have looked at a way to focus on the positive, preserve jobs, keep busy and assist the situation using our expertise and resources. We are making our masks as fast as we can, and the first batch will be available from the end of this week.”

Fashionizer is emphasizing that its masks are NOT medical devices. Cloth masks are however, according to testing by the Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health Inc. better than no protection at all. Their main purpose being to prevent the touching of noses and mouths with hands, which is a critical method of virus transmission. To see more about the efficacy of fabric face masks please see research on the subject.

The masks should be put on and taken off carefully, to avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes. In addition, it is crucial to thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds before taking the masks on and off and again after taking it off. Wearing a fabric face mask does not negate any other hygiene advice from the government: people still must wash their hands frequently for 20 seconds. 

The masks will be available from Hotel Uniform Shop, with prices starting at £14.00  per mask. For larger orders over 50 masks, please contact

The Fashionizer team wishes you all good health, to stay safe, and to keep positive!

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