Fashionizer Spa Uniforms partners with Universal Companies

Fashionizer Spa Uniforms partners with Universal Companies

During this unprecedented time, the spa and wellness community has joined together to develop new protocols to help clients feel safe while enjoying their spa experiences. These changes include therapists and spa-goers wearing protective face masks.

Fashionizer Spa Uniforms normally supplies sustainable uniforms to luxury spas around the world; however, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Fashionizer has used their design skills to develop high-quality, washable fabric face masks. Due to the shortages of PPE and medical face masks for healthcare workers around the world, the team has been working on alternative, non-medical solutions that could be used in spa environments, which will offer some form of protection.

Fashionizer Spa is delighted to announce its new partnership with Universal Companies, a leading international distributor of products, equipment, and supplies to spas, skincare professionals, and resort and destination properties. Universal will be the exclusive distributor of these fabric face masks, which can now be purchased from a dedicated landing page on Universal Companies website

The Fashionizer Spa team is delighted to be partnering with Universal Companies to offer these comfortable, breathable face masks to spa and salon professionals. The masks consist of three layers of fabric, including a middle layer made of non-woven fabric for filtration, and a cotton back lining, so it is soft against the face. A lightweight metal wire in the top center ensures a good fitted shape around the nose. Face masks are available in two different styles and come in a variety of unique colors and sizes for everyone.

Sustainability is extremely important for our future and is a key tenet for the wellness industry. Disposable face masks and plastic gloves are already polluting oceans, so an eco-friendly option is essential for spas when they reopen. The durability of Fashionizer’s masks have been tested and are guaranteed to last a minimum of 25 washes, although the team anticipates that they will last much longer. Their masks are not only good for the planet, but good for your budget as well.

USA, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean: Visit Universal Companies

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